How to Tie Your Shoes How to Tie Your Shoes

Bumper stickers on Bentleys.

Fuzzy reindeer horns on cars. 

Boot laces that are tied on the outside.


Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. 

Let’s put aside the safety aspects of boot laces flopping around your pegs and chains while riding and think about how stupid it looks. Have you ever seen a product photo of any boot or shoe where the laces are tied in the front? No? Me neither. That’s because it looks stupid. 

Now, I can’t force you to tie your laces behind the tongue and stuff them down into the boot, but just know that every time you tie your Indie Ridge boot laces in the front, I die a little inside. 

Because this is what your laces are saying to the rest of the world: 

"I'd like my steak cooked well done, please."

"They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom."

The choice is yours.

Leather Care & Cleaning

People ask me all the time about what leather conditioners they should use. I’ve tried a bunch of different waxes and conditioners and cleaners for both our gloves and boots. There’s two products that I’ve settled on:

Aussie Leather Conditioner

Secret Sneaker

Case in point: The photo on the left are my Apache’s with 5,000+ miles on them. The photo on the right are my Apache’s literally five minutes later after I applied these two products.



If you have leather conditioner and boot cleaner that you already use, great. This is just what I personally use. I like these because they don’t darken the boot that much and give it a good patina over time.

Bottom line, if you do everything right, this is what your feet should look like:

Either way, thanks for buying our boots.

Ride Safe,

Chief Operator