The Live Free Guarantee® is the reason our customers are so loyal.

Most brands require you make snap decisions about the products when you receive them. And you can only return them unused, untouched, in original packaging within 30 days. 

Then they might offer you a 1-warranty on manufacturing defects under normal use. I don't even know what that mean for motorcycle boots.

How can you make a decision about whether you like the gear before you even get a chance to use it?


For starters, you DON'T have to make a snap decision about our gear. How are you supposed to know if you like our riding gear...without riding with it?

Now, if you KNOW you don't like something or it's too big or too small, yeah, I'd prefer you return nice and neat.

But if you try them out for a week, scuff them up, call me up and say, "Steve, these just ain't for me." I'll say, "No problem! Send 'em on back for a full refund!"

Or say you've been wearing the boots for awhile, everyday, and a seam splits. Send me a photo and I'll say, "That's no good! Send 'em back for a full refund!"


Sort of. If you buy a pair of our gloves, use them everyday for a few years, and they are starting to wear thin, and you want your money back? I'll still refund your purchase. That's the guarantee part. 

BUT, if you call me up in another couple years asking for a refund for those gloves, I'll still refund them, but I'll politely suggest other companies who make riding gear. And I'll put you on "The Naughty List".

Now, out of the hundreds of thousands of people who have bought our gear, there's maybe ten people who are banned for life. That mean's 99.99% of you aren't assholes.

And as long as everyone stays cool, remembers they're buying from a small business who just wants to make good riding gear, The Live Free Guarantee shall continue.

Owner, Indie Ridge