If you're unfamiliar with The Live Free Guarantee®, go read it. If you've read and understand it, then skip all this nastiness.

Welcome to Indie Ridge Inc's Official Return Policy. 

In Road House, Patrick Swayze's most important rule to being a bouncer (or in my case, a small-business owner) is:

Be nice. So, we're nice. We're accommodating. We want our customers to be happy with our product. We want them to come back.

But what does Patrick Swayze also say?

Be nice, until it's time to NOT be nice. 

That's usually when The Official Indie Ridge Inc Return Policy (a.ka. The "Road House" Return Policy) goes into effect. 

Here's some real-world examples:

•  Someone decided yelling would help him get what he wanted, not knowing he was yelling at the owner of the company. 

•  I got an email demanding I replace a pair of boots after a year of normal wear and tear. 

•  A nice email telling me how much he loved boots, but wanted a refund after 9 months of use. I refunded him (per The Live Free Guarantee®), he then bought the latest version of the same boot. 

Now, I rarely implement The "Road House" Return Policy. But because we're pretty accommodating to our customers, I keep it around.

None of those customers got what they wanted. And they were banned for life.



You're talking to actual, nice, people who work really hard. We work (and live) right here in the People's Republic of California.

And I like talking to customers, so when answers your email or phone call, I promise we'll be nice. Until it's not be nice.



Every purchase is subject to the follow criteria. We reserve the right to deny any returns or exchanges at any time, without explanation.

This applies to purchase made through and any other platform, or place Indie Ridge Inc products are sold.

Indie Ridge Inc holds total authority to determine if you meet the following criteria to for a return:


One Size Exchange and/or Return is free per order, within the United States or United States military bases overseas only. 

1. To be eligible for a return, the item must be returned within 30 days, unworn, unused, unopened, and it's original packaging. We will provide a free return label.

2. If your product arrives damaged, email immediately with any relevant photos and information. Upon return or exchange, we will determine if it is eligible for a full, partial or none-refund/exchange.

3. To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase.  

4. Special Edition Boots like "The Risky Boots" are NOT eligible for an immediate return. You must contact us by phone or email.

Special Edition boots may not be worn or used — this includes all collateral, including the box, hangtags, etc.


Indie Ridge Inc holds total authority to determine if you meet the following criteria to for an exchange:

1. Items can be exchanged for a different size or different product of equal value. To begin an exchange, go to Start An Exchange and follow the instructions.

2. We can't guarantee that we will receive your returned item, but we will work with you to help process your return or exchange. 

3. You can exchange an item for free ONE TIME. After you exchange an item, your only option will be to return the exchanged item. 

4. If you exchange an order, return an order, and purchase a new pair, your order may be cancelled and your ability to purchase Indie Ridge products may result in a permanent ban.

5. Masks can only be returned and must arrive in new condition. 


Special editions, collaborations, artwork, or anything that's not a sole creation of Indie Ridge (i.e. "The Risky Boot" or signed Rod Velarde prints), the "The Live Free Guarantee" does not apply. You must call us or email us at to discus a return or exchange. 

1. All artwork, including all components of the "The Risky Boot" and other future Special Editions will be thoroughly assessed before an exchange or return is considered. 

2. Any chargebacks will be appealed and proper documentation will be sent to your bank.


Shipping is free for orders over $100, if delivered within the United States or United States military bases overseas. 

If you place an order for delivery OUTSIDE the United States, you are responsible for shipping fees, VAT, duty, exchange/return shipping fees, and any associated fees.

If you refuse an international order, you will incur an $85 customs re-entry fee, your order will still be assessed using the criteria above.

Contact us with any questions: or call us at (323) 207-9181, Monday - Friday between 9:30am - 5:30pm Pacific Time.

- Steve